The GETLOST brand was devised as a tongue-in-cheek call to action, aimed at disrupting the monotony of daily life and inviting people to lose themselves in the beauty of Bermuda at times when they are most likely to be in need of a holiday.
 The user journey is split into 3 sections with the final destination being the website.
 The primary guerrilla campaign targets outdoor spaces and makes use of directional audio to draw the user into an auditory odyssey and transport them to another realm of sound.
 The link to the GETLOST website connects them to a 360 interactive video which synchronises with the audio to complete the experience.
 In conjunction with this, a googlemaps takeover directs users to a location in their city where they are invited to explore in street view.
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 Upon finding a GETLOST zone in street view they are transported to a seemingly random location in Bermuda where they are allowed to explore the environment.
WEBMOCKSALT_0001_Layer Comp 2.jpg
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 After a brief calibration the user is presented immersed in an interactive 360 degree experience which blends rich imagery with embedded content to create a seamless experience and showcase the kinds of activities the user could be partaking in.
 Upon completion of the video experience the user is given the option of viewing more on the minisite.
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 The minisite provides alternate videos for the user to view at their leisure, while offering the option to proceed to the main site.
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